Calgary has an amazing choice of cultural events that take place throughout the year. We have included a list of some of the many events which are the envy of other cities. We are always looking for new activities and events so be sure to come back and visit to see what's new and happening in Calgary.


Glenbow Museum


The Glenbow Museum, centrally located downtown, and houses many unique and culturally interesting points of interest including a museum of western heritage, international cultural collections, an art gallery, a library and archives of western Canadian history. The Glenbow Museum is in the same building as the Calgary Convention Centre and across the street from The Centre For Performing Arts.

Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts

The Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts is located at an unofficial web site developed by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary. Other information about Calgary is located at this site. Also located at this site is information on the Calgary Opera.

Calgary Aerospace Museum

The Calgary Aerospace Museum is a small yet interesting place to visit if you're interested in historical information about Canada's dynamic aviation history.

The Banff Centre



Many other interesting cultural events take place within close proximity to Calgary. Banff, for instance, has one of Canada's leading learning centres. This institution is dedicated to continuing professionals in many fields such as art, drama, ballet, opera, and jazz. During the summer, The Banff Centre plays host to visiting professionals who put on wonderful performances that attract people around the world. As well as the Banff Centre For The Arts, there are the Centres For Management and the Conferences. Imagine being on your way to a management development seminar and passing elk munching on someone's lawn. It can only happen in Banff!

Calgary Folk Festival

Each summer you'll be able to listen to folk music at the Calgary Folk Festival, or jazz at the Calgary Jazz Festival. You and your children, if you have some, can have a great time at the Calgary Children's Festival.

Culture Net

Culture net works with a wide a variety of cultural organizations and individuals across Canada who provide information about their seasons, their programs, their artists and themselves. You'll see other Calgary event information listed here.

The Canadian Cowboy

Culture comes in many different forms. One truly prairie cultural phenomenon that Calgarians are very proud of is our Cowboys. The Canadian Cowboy site is "a corral of western equine information for the armchair horse lover or range riding wrangler."